Friday, 23 January 2009

A Bret update

First post of the new year!

Anyway, Last night we had a staff battle at GW. I took along my Brettonians (3500 points worth) our side totalled something insane like 10000 plus points. We went for a refused flank and there was lots of carnage, unfortunately we lost on objectives as we only had enough time for two turns each.
I found a few things out about my Bret army though.
1. First was that magic banners are pretty much useless at those high points levels.
2. A tooled lord will kill a hydra with a little help from his friends (9 man lance).
3. Brettonian magic is um not very good.
4. I need more light cavalry to protect the flanks of my knights, peasants are good and all but positioning after failed charges can be somewhat iffy.

If we were going on amount killed then TBH I would have been right up there, all my charges killed and overan, I won with skirmish bowmen in combat, and I got off some decent magic all for the loss of about 7-8 knights and a handful of peasants!

As far as building and painting is going I have built almost all of the units needed (just need to finish off a batch of Kotr to go on their horses) painting wise I haven't got much further apart form the men at arms, I have got a completely finished and transferd up knight though and here he is:

Anyway thats all for this update will post more soon hopefully!