Sunday, 19 January 2014

2mm Napoleonic French

My first brigade of 2mm French Napoleonic is painted and based. There are another 4 brigades of French on the table half done. 

Here is a couple of pics. 

More will follow as I paint more. 


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Long time no post.

I haven't posted here in a long time. I have done plenty of hobby on and off over the last few years. Many other things have changed as well. Over the last six months I have done very little since moving. (Apart from painting a whole army in a night!) A New Years resolution is to actually do some hobby more regularly. I've tried to get my friends into some historical sand they have agreed to try some games out so I've got to do some painting! Anyway watch for updates! A

Sunday, 30 May 2010

So some photos:


computer fixed!

I have finally managed to get my computer fixed and thus am able to update this blog properly again. I have left many of my painting projects by the wayside lately as I have been sorting out real life stuff however there are several projects whcih have not been placed upon these pages.
These include:
Tale of gamers empire army
Chaos warriors army
The vendetta project
The mass guard repaint.

The first of these is my empire army that I have had for years. I converted chunks of it inot dogs of war however they are now a completely unuseable army as I play in a GW and thus cannot use the foundry models I have purchased for them. Thus a tale of gamers project appeared and I rooted through my boxes to find if I had anything to join with and realised I had a load of empire and dogs of war that were close enough to be used in an empire army so I threw together an army of 500pts and threw a brush over as much as I could getting nearly all of it painted in two days. This army shall be expanded by 250 points a month.

I have mentioned my chaos warriors on here before however have never posted any pictures. I played a majority infantry list for a while and lost hideously then I changed a few things round to get a balanced list that I am happy with. Now that is done the painting can be done properly and not piecemeal. I have managed to finish off the majority of the main block of warriors most of the lord but not his mount. Some halberd wielding warriors minus their shields and not much else so I shall endeavour to finish this army a unit at a time to make my life easier!

The vendetta project is well my vendetta. after realising the usefulness of a vendetta in a list and having written a 100 pt list that I like I set about converting one up. This took no time at all as I had some lascannons stashed a away. now it is sprayed it needs painting and I have decided (more fool me) to paint it like my converted chimera whcih means much fine art and pva glued paper nonsense. It should look stunning when finished though!

The mass guard repaint came abbout as I looked at my older guardsmen. I had already started repainting my camo cloaked guys into german field grey this colour then took over my veterans and now it has decided to take over my main guard army. These guys were painted to a basic standard so needed touching up anyway and a rebase. Thus all of my old guard are going to be brought up to my current standard in basing and painting. each of the units shall come from a fully written list so everytime there is a guy missing he shall be made up and put into the unit. In this way i hope to get them all finished....eventually.

SO a lot happening (this is all on top of my standard painting backlog including brettonians, easterlings, harad, goblins, and the odd model that doesnt really fit into an army).

pictures shall be forthcoming!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Clean and spray

Lately I've been trying to get through a giant backlog of minis that have been sat around. Lots has been done and painting is underway. The first nearly finished model is an old cold one I've been playing with.
I've also been trying to finish off my chaos army which is going quite well. Just a quick update but more shall be written soon!


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Long time no postage

It's been a while since I've put an update on here mainly due to the lack of computer and Internet. I've had little time to work on my models since my computer broke so the updates would have been very brief anyway. However I now have some more time on my hands to be painting models so will be updating this more frequently. I've just started back with painting my chaos warrior list. Yellow warriors of tzeentch shall be forming the mainstay of the battleline so I've started with them. I have one painted up as a test model to see how the scheme would work and now I've done that I'm able to batch paint have started on the first six models so I'll have all of the normal warriors for the first two ranks ready. I'm then going to tackle the command group before batch painting each rank of warriors. After that I'm going to be doing a character and then a unit of marauders in the same method as the warriors. Due to being a points dense army it should come together relatively quickly so watch this space!


Thursday, 26 February 2009

Well I did buy those extra two boxes of Esterlings and I havent even finished putting the first box together!

I have made some progress with them though. I built five (2 sword 2 bow and a pike) so that I coudl test them out. I have finished painting on of the swordsmen. The method of painting that I described in my last post works perfectly though I have skipped the flesh bit because they dont have any exposed! Makes my life a little easier.

I Have also got a horde of gobbos that need doing and I was looking for a similarly easy method of painting for them. Soooo I built 50 odd of them and sprayed them up.
The painting is going to be as follows:

1. Drybrush with shadow grey
2. paint the flesh in green
3. paint the spear brown
4. paint the spear tip and other metal silver
5. paint the shield design in iyaden darksun
6. wash the flesh with ork flesh wash and the rest of the model with Devlan mud (maybe just go for the Devlan mud!
7. pick out the flesh with green
8. paint the spear shaft up to near red (mix of brown and red then a heavy red mix of the same)
9. pick out the eyes in pure red
10. base them

This should be fairly quick as they will be batch painted as well, need to get a couple more paints though that isnt too much of a problem.
As far as other armies go the following updates are:

scout squad is now sprayed and the sarges face has had its first two coats of flesh, the marine bike is also sprayed and the basecoats have gone on the marine. the bikes front plating has been painted up to a mid/light blue finish from dark blue, the edging has been doen in bronze.

finished basecoating five Istrians and have washed them. Have picked out the armour on two and the cloth on one of those as well as the skin and the start of the detail. basecoated a sniper all the way up to wash stage and ave given him a wash of devlan mud!
painted two mortars with boltgun though not sure what to do to make them a little more detailed, may just go for a decent base. Have also been painting one of my stand alone missile laucnher conversions based off of the old hunter killer missile.
Sprayed the 1st squad for blue platoon 2nd company 7th comitatense now to paint them...
Oh and started to put together a bssie.

Have sprayed up all fo the hirses and the command figures for my kotr. have started with the blue basecoats on 4 horss and a banner for the kotr. I have also managed to basecoat a horse for a mounted yeoman. Several paesant shave been sprayed up as well. these are command units for my peasants so shoudl be fun to paint up.

Thats pretty much it for this update more will be done soon you will see...