Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Few tanks!

Today I managed to get round to sorting out my airbrush, this then meant that I could get some serious work done on my tanks! Two chimerae were basecoated (well they are all resprays so some of the original colur shows through but I like the effect so might leave that in!) I also sprayed two Russ turrets and a couple of Russ hulls plus a whole Russ.

The first of these, the whole russ, was mainly done I just wished to add a bit of extra effect to it. I added detailing and some snow so it was finished. The Second hull had the whole lot given a light spray as the coat had already been started with a brush.

The third of the hulls was a complete start from the old paint job. The first tank came out fairly well and the seconds weathering is ok although I do believe it to be a little too "clean". The turret came out nicely though and the commander was thus re added.

The third of the tanks is still in the early weathering stages although some of the details have started to be picked out. so here we have tanks 101 and 111 (101 should be 110 though I decided it looked better as 101 harder to identify it as a command tank as well...)


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Little Work

Unfortunately I didn't do too much painting last night. To busy with beer writing and talking to the girlfriend!

Today was the same as yesterday at work TBH. weather was good and not as cold which was nice. Finsihed the site off today, pulled out some more pot and CBM, found a whole pot in the subsoil as well! is near enough 19th century at least so not early oh well. County reckoned we had hit the edge of the Richomnd palace moat (well possibly anyway). We werent able to go deep enough to ascertain whether we were or not but anyway all backfilled returfed (ish) and looking relatively tidy, good days work I'd say!

Back to the models....
I actually did one of the basecoat layers on the 16th troops and vox. Is Tamiyas XF65 field grey. An amazing paint which gives a very matte finish adding some texture and interest to my minis IMO. I may paint the black on them today (armour and inside cloaks) after that its just three washes a highlight on the armour and flesh and then tidy up the cloaks! Oh and basing theough thats quick and easy. HAve one that is very nearly done so may do him today to keep me on the move!

Short post but I may have pictures for tomorrows post oooo!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Long time

Long time since I've posted on here.

Work and my masters have been catching up to me time wise! All goes well so far with both. I've been on a site in London today, another backgarden evaluation. The usual problems associated with the client's small understanding of what archaeologists actually do struck again, not only that but deep strat and a small digger didn't exactly help! We found some stuff all post Med though, clay pipes willow pattern brick and tile, oyster shell etc.

As far as My armies are concerned I've decided to push ahead with as many different armies as I can all at the same time to keep the work up! I have 7th Comitatense halftracks on the go also that regiment's count as salamander. A few 12th Liminatii are floating around and slowly getting repainted. trying to get better cloaks on the officers! The line troops for them are staring at me right now so may end up in the basecoat queue very soon. Some 3rd Solentians are in the painitng stage as well as those that are nearly finished building (just the arms to do!). Istrians and my newest command squad are on the go as well!
As far as The Brets are concerned I've finished another horse and am half way through the knight, 7 maa are being painted and are at various stages, nearly at the wash stage but their shields are all still on the sprue so I may have to have a mass shield painting extrabaganza! 2 more horses have had their yellow and brown done and are waiting for flesh and blue (not much to do after tha really!).

So the tally on the table atm
3 halftracks WIP
1 salamander WIP
4 solentians WIP
2 Solentinas PIP
1 CIC (includes an aide!)PIP
1 tea bloke PIP
4 snipers PIP
7 12th lim PIP
1 12th lim vox PIP
7 maa PIP
2 bret horses PIP
1 knight PIP
3 Istrians PIP
1 Istrian grenade launcher PIP
1 Istrian heavy bolter PIP
1 Istrian Autocannon PIP

wow lots to be getting on with but first food.
Updates of painted minis will ensue on thursday!